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  CAST offers a wide range of exciting career & internship opportunities in all areas of its business including language instruction & business skills training, sales, marketing, accounting, human resource, and operations.  


Join CAST and make the most of your education, qualifications, skills and work experience in an inspiring work environment that rewards success and emphasizes employee satisfaction as part of an embraced and supported overall business strategy.

CAST Hiring Philosophy
  Since sustained great results depend upon building a culture of discipline, CAST is always looking for innately disciplined people who will naturally engage in disciplined thought and who will consequently take disciplined action.In other words, our hiring philosophy revolves around the belief that  

when you have disciplined people, you do not need hierarchy. When you have disciplined thought you do not need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action you do not need excessive controls.


Career Development
  Learning and development is an essential part of CAST's expertise. Hence, it meticulously plans, directs, and guides the development of its employees to help them achieve their performance and career development goals through:  


• Initial and periodic training programs
• Regular coaching sessions
• A goal-oriented & outcome-based performance appraisal system
• Management trainee programs
• Solid career development opportunities



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30 Jan 12
Is it time to start Business Language Training for your staff? Their English level does not qualify them for a Business Language course? Here is the most effective solutionmore>>

24 Feb 12
develops the language skills that trainees need to interact effectively in almost all the fields of Oil and Gas Industry, and apply this knowledge to practical situations such as workshop operations, repairs and maintenance, production and distribution, and project management. more>>

4 Mar 12
The acronym CAST (Corporate Adoptive and Superintended Training) is our conclusive language training solutions we offer to the Egyptian corporate sector. more>>



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